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We are a Charity Organization

Pearls of Mercy is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in the year 2000 with a mission to help Nigerian youths achieve their dreams by ensuring that all forms of anti-social behaviours are nipped in the bud. Since its inception, the NGO has had a rich and eventful history of activities including capacity building initiatives, counseling workshops, youth empowerment programmes and support for women, especially widows, amongst other charitable efforts. It has also collaborated with many multi-national corporations in the area of funding and support to enable it carry out its intervention efforts without hassles. Pearls of Mercy is currently finalizing plans to acquire 18 acres of land in Ogun State to build its world-class operational base in Nigeria to be known as The Divine Talents Wonder Land. The edifice is expected to house different sections of the society which need help, such as: An Orphanage, An Elderly People's Home, Widow's Centre, Women's Empowerment Centre, Youth Empowerment Centre, and an Internally Displaced People's Camp.

What we do

Youth empowerment

We help youths achieve their dreams in life by creating the enabling environment for them to excel, against all odds and engender a re-orientation drive to help Nigerian youths embrace loftier pursuits rather than quick fixes.

Counselling workshops

At Pearls of Mercy Foundation we provide better livelihoods for victims of social crises and work towards the eradication of girl-child problems such as teenage pregnancy and abandonment of children.

Women support programmes

At Pearls of Mercy Foundation we support and elevate the living conditions of women, especially widows through provision of empowerment opportunities.

Capacitive building initiatives

At Pearls of Mercy Foundation, we help to provide training and counseling and financial support for indigent youths who aspire to great scholastic heights.

Our Mission

To help Nigerian youths and other vulnerable groups achieve their dreams through the provision of the right support, counselling and social intervention efforts towards ensuring the creation and sustenance of balanced living and livelihoods.

Our Vision

To help the Nigerian government and other well-meaning NGOs win the war against youth-centric and livelihood crises that are increasing by the day.

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